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Colored Blog

COLORED is a multi-media platform representing all creatives and forward-thinkers worldwide. COLORED's mission is to create and curate content based on the unity and progressiveness of tomorrow. We will do this by providing a platform for the next women and men influencing our melting pot of culture. 

There is no black or white, we are COLORED.

Design by Mucho

bryce monroe

Mucho is an innovative design firm that is a beast with it's motion graphics. I have spent quite an amount of time just browsing through their work because all of it is clean as hell. Mucho has worked with many big names such as, PayPal, Kodak, and Dell. They have tons more clients and tons more great design. Please stop by their site and understand what quality design is.

"Great design speaks to your head, and your heart. It makes you feel different, and think differently. It makes you remember, and respond." -Mucho