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Colored Blog

COLORED is a multi-media platform representing all creatives and forward-thinkers worldwide. COLORED's mission is to create and curate content based on the unity and progressiveness of tomorrow. We will do this by providing a platform for the next women and men influencing our melting pot of culture. 

There is no black or white, we are COLORED.

Art Direction + Illustration by Antoni Tudisco

Colored Zine

Antoni Tudisco is a German art director and 3D artist creating incredible imagery everyday. Although Antoni was born and raised in Germany his Filipina mother and Italian father bestowed him a number of different cultural influences. From a young age Antoni had an amazing imagination and fascination for creating extraordinary images. Weather that be from sketching in the middle of class as a child or an innate eye for beautiful objects is something only Antoni may know. Check out more of Antoni's work on his website and follow him on Twitter.