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Colored Interview

COLORED is a multi-media platform representing all creatives and forward-thinkers worldwide. COLORED's mission is to create and curate content based on the unity and progressiveness of tomorrow. We will do this by providing a platform for the next women and men influencing our melting pot of culture. 

There is no black or white, we are COLORED.

Human: Jaryl Cabuco

Colored Zine

Creative individuals come from all walks of life, and almost all the time end up in the weirdest situations. Weird in a good way though. When you put in time and effort into your craft, you are bound to see amazing things happen in your life. The current Human that we will be interviewing has done just that.  From working at Reebok, to Soulection for 5+ years, this individual is a living testament to what it means to put in hard work. We now will dive into the mind of Mr. Jaryl Cabuco 


1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Whether this be at home or the office...

I set myself a cup of something hot. Hot Tea, Coffee, more coffee. I start it off mellow -- I recently started a day planner to help organize myself as of late – doing my best to keep up daily tasks as a habit

2. What makes you smile?

What makes me genuinely smile is acts of humanity and compassion – through daily life, I take public transportation and seeing acts of humanity move me to the core.

3. Now you touched on humanity, so I must ask,  What is the difference between living and existing?

In my opinion the difference between living and existing is how conscious and open you are. Existing just to exist doesn't help you grow. Living is when you actively enable yourself for personal growth, always asking questions to seek the knowledge you're looking for.

4. I know we have talked on a few occasions and I have been blessed to learn from you. Who has been a key individual for you along this journey, for your personal growth? 

Key individual(s) who helped me with personal growth? I’d say those people are: My Grandma (RIP mama) – she's always believed in my art and had unconditional support for anything and everything I set my mind to.  The next person is Andre Power (and the Soulection Team). back in the early days when Soulection was growing I photographed many of their San Diego shows (and in Los Angeles). We were very close when he still lived in San Diego between 2012 – 2014, he’s single handedly watched my growth since day one. And one individual who's pushed my growth and amazing friend who was honestly one I hardly knew, Mark Andrew Gonzales. He was an amazing photographer and artist. His energy greatly impacted my art and still resonates to this day. Since his passing I always think about him even to this day, when we connected we had such amazing vibrations together. Rest in Peace Mark, we love you. #CreateLoveTravelVibeRepeat.


5. For those who don't know, what do you do exactly? 

As of lately I’ve gone back to photographing live shows for my friends at a month event called Hide & Go at a San Diego bar named: The Hideout

6. Before you discovered your passion for photography, what was life like? 

I was very much born into my passion for photography– looking back at old family photos I was always holding some sort of camera or taking the pictures with disposable cameras at the time.

7. I must ask you, Digital or Film? Why?

I personally prefer Digital, only because I’m looking at the ability to archive without the physical space. But with that said I will always have love for the art of film photography because it really is an art form. To capture that rare moment on film is a very rewarding feel.

8. As a creative, what has been your biggest obstacle over the years?

    As a creative, one biggest struggle over the years is remaining consistent. I'll disappear for several months not creating -- to take a moment, reflect & assess things I've photographed. Always looking to improve on whatever I do next when I get back into a creative groove.

9. What is the greatest piece of advice that you've ran away with, that goes into your creative thinking process?

The greatest piece of advice. Be honest, with not only your art but with yourself. Many bloom quicker than most and others bloom later than most. I'm the one who blooms late, embrace it. Never force things. Personal growth has been large with me as of late, I'm still doing what I love to do without forcing things. I love to let things happen organically but with direction.

10. Has reading a book ever changed your life, which one and why?

I’ve not read a book in a while. But if I recall the last book I actually remember reading was assignments for college.. truthfully I’m not much of a reader – I absorb my information by seeing and doing. Tactile learner.

11. What is your biggest weakness and how has that affected you over the year of 2016?

My biggest weakness that affected me over 2016 … not reaching out. I know I have people around me that love me and support me. I hang onto things and isolate pretty heavily. Anxiety is my weakness and I let it overcome me. I’m learning to reach out and break out of my head very slowly this year – so far its starting off nicely.

12. If you could live forever how would you spend eternity? Who would you spend it with if given the chance?
If I could live forever… I’d spend my eternity constantly seeking knowledge – finding the answers to that thing people call “Life” & to reach/see every inch of the world. With that said, I’d spend my eternity with my family.

13. If you could go back in time to observe one thing in history what would it be?
 If I could go back in time to observe one thing in history it would be… (if were talking a monumental historic event would be)  watching President Obamas inauguration in person because it was such a turning point in our history. But really, I would love to watch Aaliyah live.

14. What age do you feel like right now and why?

Truthfully I still feel like a kid. I always will at heart. I love to laugh at myself and put out positive energy. I'm a firm believer in the law of attraction. Put out good energy, receive good energy. Levitate.

15. What’s next for you and where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The next 5 years.. this is quite heavy on me. I hope to fully flourish in not only my art but I've started to rebrand myself & my artwork under a new name called Lov.Ein.Love (LoveinLove) but a new start on becoming an Emergency Medical Technician. I know I will always have my art and myself as a creative. I'm looking forward to starting my life proper with a solid foundation and plan to work on both simultaneously.

Thank you Jaryl for sharing just a part of your story with us, and we look forward to seeing how your next 5 years play out. Keep up with Jaryl on Twitter , Instagram and view more of his work on his Website.


Human: Ryan Butler

Ahustin Crawford

Los Angeles is amazing, weird, intriguing, and overwhelming all at the same time. You may run into your favorite celebrity or inspiration while walking down the street, but at the end of the day, that does not really matter. LA is all about your value, your peers, and what you have to bring to the table. Not everyone has the hustle and bustle to make it work in the land of opportunity, but today we look into the world of a young 24 year old native who has made things happen for himself. Meet The Designer and public Relations wise guy, Ryan Butler.


1.  Describe yourself without using name or any attributes given by society. Who are you?

Playboy philanthropist. 

Because I help out people without getting much in return. Love to help people out just to help. Advocacy of philanthropy.


2.  Before you discovered your passion, what was life like?

Before discovering my passion I was a weee little lad, growing up in Northern California, just trying to have fun and not get into major trouble. When I did find my passion which is art (digital and non digital), music and entertainment I knew what I wanted to get into far as a career. Discovered my passion around 14ish years old.


3. What do you feel is the function and job of humans at the end of the day?

I feel like the job of humans at the end of the day is to truly make sure we are all set and ready before the return of Christ. We all want to make it into heaven I'm sure—depending on your belief..but adding a little humility to your character is always a big step into changing the world.


4.Over the years, What has failure taught you?

Failure has taught me to keep my hopes at a moderate level. Especially when pitching ideas. Taught me how to move smarter and also look for other options. Sometimes the best answer for you to build yourself up is a "No".


5. Well for yourself, how did you feel when you first got rejected? How did you recoup?

When i first got rejected it was a pitch for a project, felt like "damn :(" but in my career you learn to adapt quickly to rejection or acceptance.


6. What gets you excited / driven to achieve goals?

The ability to try and have my mom never work another day in life is the main reasoning for my goal achievements and superior drive within myself.


7..Who’s life have you had the greatest impact on?

I honestly do not know, might be my team I'm surrounded with. I've given individuals that I'm surrounded with opportunities to work with celebs, big names and brands and they've succeeded. Greatest impact though, I don't know.


8. As a creative, what has been your biggest obstacle over the years?

Biggest obstacle over the years.... Damn, that's a good question. It might be actually getting my bachelors degree. Ever since I've attended college it feels like progression is slowed down a bit in regard to design -- learned most of my graphic design and editing skills thru friends, messing around with PS and illustrator, and various sources.


9. What is your favorite font?

I don't have a favorite font.


10. What age do you feel like right now and why?

I feel as if I'm the age I am now which is 24.


11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Im jumping to a different number if you don't mind haha! 10 years from now, I see my mother in a house that I bought her or at least her bills paid for an entire year straight, free of debts. Also, I see myself working for high profile clients in both design and public relations fields I'm established in. I want the same success for my friends that are very close to me. That's all that matters, my boys creating the best content we love to make.


12. At the young age of 24,  What bad habits do you want to break?

Staying off social media and procrastination. But I work in PR so, I kinda have to be on social media to find things for clients and press releases, etc :(




13. Do you recall what life was like before twitter?

Life before twitter was probably the best time. More outside activities, people's communication was somewhat better...but before twitter i was still in grade school and i'm an adult now, so times back then were simple, hardly had worries.


14. What’s next for you ?

More work for Selena Gomez and clients you'll have to wait and see. 2017 has just begun :) 


15. If you could go back in time to observe one thing in history what would it be? 

Would have loved to see Aaliyah in person at the BET Awards, or MLK's speech way back then.

Thank you Ryan for sharing your story with us, and we look forward to seeing what comes next. Keep up with Ryan on Twitter and Instagram

Human: Dannah Gottlieb

Colored Zine

New York City, otherwise known as The Jungle, is home to many different species and creatives. You have your painters, architects, and fashion designers, but without the photographer you cannot capture the distorted reality, called life. This is the medium where Dannah Gottlieb thrives, while also creating her own sense of style and identity. Today we have the opportunity to share what goes on inside the mind of the talented artist.

Dannah Gottlieb

Dannah Gottlieb

1. What age do you feel like right now and why? 

I feel like a wise, old man. Like 85. 

2.  Before you discovered your passion, what was life like? 

Depressing and destructive. I needed art.  It is like sitting and waiting for that empty space in you to get filled, rather than creating something to fill it. 

3. What stands between you and complete happiness? 


4. What has failure taught you? 

That you need to fail a lot to get anywhere. 

5. What is the difference between living and existing? 

The difference between true happiness and hedonistic pleasure. 

6. What makes you smile? 

A really fucking good song. 

7. What are you able to do today that you couldn’t do a year ago? What will you hope to be able to do this time next year?

More mediums...and more mediums :) 

8.  Has reading a book ever changed your life, which one and why? 

I took a philosophy class and every book I read changed my life. Especially the buddhist bodhi stuff. It explains the certainty of death and the uncertainty of time and dares you to live. 

9. What bad habits do you want to break? 

Smoking too much, thinking too much. 

10.  Who’s life have you had the greatest impact on? 

My mom.


11.  What have you given up on? 


12. Who are you really, describe yourself without using name or any attributes given by society. Who are you?

An artist

13. How do your childhood dreams line up with your current reality? 

The answer to the previous question :) 

14. What gets you excited / driven to achieve goals. 

The blunt! 

Just kidding I just want to buy my mom a house.


15. What’s next for you ? 

More print! I am going to work this year more than ever before.



Thank you Dannah for sharing a little bit of your story with us, and we look forward to seeing what you create next. Follow Dannah on TwitterInstagram, and check out more of Dannah's work on her website


Colored Zine

Today we have an abundance of creators, designers, and photographers trying to make themselves stand out. Most forget that as humans we all have a unique story to tell. This is the platform where you will learn about what makes these artist different through their words, environment and mentally. Today we have the chance to sit down and explore the mind of MATT DRGS who is a visual artist and photographer based out of Florida. His knowledge and skill set with film is one that I myself need to grow, because quite honestly he is one of the many creatives we began to take great inspiration in, in 2016.



1. What do you do?

I'm a film photographer and content contributor for my publication. I also do editorial formatting. 

2. What do you really love to do ? Do you do it often, if you answered no then why not?

Honestly, I can say I really love to do a lot of things. As far as creatively, I think I kind of fell in love with taking photos but I'm not the type of person to put limits on myself. I shoot on film pretty often but not as often as I'd like because of my stupid day job at Apple. Out of the week, I probably get two full days to actually focus on creating ways to get my perspective out. It sucks.

3. As a creative, what has been your biggest obstacle over the years?

My biggest obstacle has definitely been a lack of inspiration and motivation. 100%. Living in a capitalistic society like we do, we are denied of our creative freedoms and true history at a young age. I didn't know I even had the option to do this kind of work until I moved away from Miami in 2012. After living in Tallahassee for a few years, I realized what I had been missing. So for these last couple years I've just been playing "catch up." I know I was denied of the creative freedom I deserve, and I still am to an extent, but I just want to grow to the point where I wake up every single day and feel my purpose in the energy that surrounds me. I don't have any doubt though, I'm going to get past all the obstacles in my way.

4. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Play music. I try to start the day to something that sounds pretty and serene every morning when I wake up. 

5. What piece of advice have you ran away with, that goes into your creative thinking process?

"There's no rush, it's not a race. Do what you do for yourself and nobody else." My friend gave me that advice awhile ago and it really resonated. Right now, I really don't care what people think of what I do and it feels good. 

6. Do you recall what life was like before twitter?

Kind of. I don't really notice a difference in my personal life besides the access it gives me to a wide range of people at any moment. Before Twitter, people kind of just did stuff, and didn't have to talk about it much online. MySpace, Facebook, yeah they were there, but you don't keep putting up statuses or whatever. It was like one and done. Twitter is just weird but I appreciate the platform it gives people like you guys at Colored Zine, and people like me. I just try not to go on there too much.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I see myself outside of the country writing progressive articles and shooting editorials. Not sure which country yet, but I don't want to be in the U.S. at all. My kids will deserve better. Plus, two of my brothers live in Canada and my older sister lives in Africa so there's no real doubt about it.

8. If you could live forever how would you spend eternity?

It's really hard to say. I think I'd want to spend a good amount of time disregarding everyone/everything else. Another part of me views an eternity of time on Earth as the perfect opportunity to truly make change. Eventually, I'd have understanding beyond comprehension so perhaps I could actually help make this world a better place for present and future generations.

9. What age do you feel like right now and why?

I'm 22, and I think that's really the best age to describe how I feel right now. For most people, 22 isn't significant for any reason but for me it is. My birthday was July 22nd so this is my golden year. I'm young enough to make all of my dreams come true but old enough to read the signs and find my way. 

10. What is your favorite photograph of all time?

I don't really have one honestly. Most of the visual inspiration I get comes from old lookbooks, manga or film screenshots. Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" is full of beautiful moments.

11. Before you discovered your passion, what was life like? 

Life was generic. My life was like what most peoples' lives are like, full of false information and bland ideals. I didn't know myself or what I was capable of, I just knew what I was taught and what the world told me.

12. What stands between you and complete happiness?

The only thing that stands between me and complete happiness is self-doubt and perspective. Truthfully, we are the only things in our way of happiness and success. 

13. What has failure taught you?

Failure has taught me something different every single time, but as a whole, it has taught me that both sides of the spectrum are necessary. To be happy, you must be sad at times, and to succeed, you must first fail. It isn't until we find comfort in our failures that success will seek us.

14. What’s next for you?

I'm pushing myself all the way this year. I'm setting myself free creatively: My publication's reprise, my photo book "Bleeding Blue" is going to be released, I'm going to DJ a few more events, release a short film, make music. All of it. I plan to show myself and my peers what we are capable of when we set ourselves free. I don't care anymore. 


Thank you Matt for sharing a little bit of you story with us, and we look forward to seeing it grow. Follow MATT DRGS on Twitter, Instagram, and check out more of his work on his website