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Colored Interview

COLORED is a multi-media platform representing all creatives and forward-thinkers worldwide. COLORED's mission is to create and curate content based on the unity and progressiveness of tomorrow. We will do this by providing a platform for the next women and men influencing our melting pot of culture. 

There is no black or white, we are COLORED.

Human: Jaryl Cabuco

Colored Zine

Creative individuals come from all walks of life, and almost all the time end up in the weirdest situations. Weird in a good way though. When you put in time and effort into your craft, you are bound to see amazing things happen in your life. The current Human that we will be interviewing has done just that.  From working at Reebok, to Soulection for 5+ years, this individual is a living testament to what it means to put in hard work. We now will dive into the mind of Mr. Jaryl Cabuco 


1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Whether this be at home or the office...

I set myself a cup of something hot. Hot Tea, Coffee, more coffee. I start it off mellow -- I recently started a day planner to help organize myself as of late – doing my best to keep up daily tasks as a habit

2. What makes you smile?

What makes me genuinely smile is acts of humanity and compassion – through daily life, I take public transportation and seeing acts of humanity move me to the core.

3. Now you touched on humanity, so I must ask,  What is the difference between living and existing?

In my opinion the difference between living and existing is how conscious and open you are. Existing just to exist doesn't help you grow. Living is when you actively enable yourself for personal growth, always asking questions to seek the knowledge you're looking for.

4. I know we have talked on a few occasions and I have been blessed to learn from you. Who has been a key individual for you along this journey, for your personal growth? 

Key individual(s) who helped me with personal growth? I’d say those people are: My Grandma (RIP mama) – she's always believed in my art and had unconditional support for anything and everything I set my mind to.  The next person is Andre Power (and the Soulection Team). back in the early days when Soulection was growing I photographed many of their San Diego shows (and in Los Angeles). We were very close when he still lived in San Diego between 2012 – 2014, he’s single handedly watched my growth since day one. And one individual who's pushed my growth and amazing friend who was honestly one I hardly knew, Mark Andrew Gonzales. He was an amazing photographer and artist. His energy greatly impacted my art and still resonates to this day. Since his passing I always think about him even to this day, when we connected we had such amazing vibrations together. Rest in Peace Mark, we love you. #CreateLoveTravelVibeRepeat.


5. For those who don't know, what do you do exactly? 

As of lately I’ve gone back to photographing live shows for my friends at a month event called Hide & Go at a San Diego bar named: The Hideout

6. Before you discovered your passion for photography, what was life like? 

I was very much born into my passion for photography– looking back at old family photos I was always holding some sort of camera or taking the pictures with disposable cameras at the time.

7. I must ask you, Digital or Film? Why?

I personally prefer Digital, only because I’m looking at the ability to archive without the physical space. But with that said I will always have love for the art of film photography because it really is an art form. To capture that rare moment on film is a very rewarding feel.

8. As a creative, what has been your biggest obstacle over the years?

    As a creative, one biggest struggle over the years is remaining consistent. I'll disappear for several months not creating -- to take a moment, reflect & assess things I've photographed. Always looking to improve on whatever I do next when I get back into a creative groove.

9. What is the greatest piece of advice that you've ran away with, that goes into your creative thinking process?

The greatest piece of advice. Be honest, with not only your art but with yourself. Many bloom quicker than most and others bloom later than most. I'm the one who blooms late, embrace it. Never force things. Personal growth has been large with me as of late, I'm still doing what I love to do without forcing things. I love to let things happen organically but with direction.

10. Has reading a book ever changed your life, which one and why?

I’ve not read a book in a while. But if I recall the last book I actually remember reading was assignments for college.. truthfully I’m not much of a reader – I absorb my information by seeing and doing. Tactile learner.

11. What is your biggest weakness and how has that affected you over the year of 2016?

My biggest weakness that affected me over 2016 … not reaching out. I know I have people around me that love me and support me. I hang onto things and isolate pretty heavily. Anxiety is my weakness and I let it overcome me. I’m learning to reach out and break out of my head very slowly this year – so far its starting off nicely.

12. If you could live forever how would you spend eternity? Who would you spend it with if given the chance?
If I could live forever… I’d spend my eternity constantly seeking knowledge – finding the answers to that thing people call “Life” & to reach/see every inch of the world. With that said, I’d spend my eternity with my family.

13. If you could go back in time to observe one thing in history what would it be?
 If I could go back in time to observe one thing in history it would be… (if were talking a monumental historic event would be)  watching President Obamas inauguration in person because it was such a turning point in our history. But really, I would love to watch Aaliyah live.

14. What age do you feel like right now and why?

Truthfully I still feel like a kid. I always will at heart. I love to laugh at myself and put out positive energy. I'm a firm believer in the law of attraction. Put out good energy, receive good energy. Levitate.

15. What’s next for you and where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The next 5 years.. this is quite heavy on me. I hope to fully flourish in not only my art but I've started to rebrand myself & my artwork under a new name called Lov.Ein.Love (LoveinLove) but a new start on becoming an Emergency Medical Technician. I know I will always have my art and myself as a creative. I'm looking forward to starting my life proper with a solid foundation and plan to work on both simultaneously.

Thank you Jaryl for sharing just a part of your story with us, and we look forward to seeing how your next 5 years play out. Keep up with Jaryl on Twitter , Instagram and view more of his work on his Website.